Our First Visit to Guam

Why Guam? Well, why not Guam? We haven’t been there before and our friends are stationed there for three years. So it only took us eight months to see them after they left the states. We decided to cut the eleven hour flight in half and layover in Honolulu. Bruce hadn’t been there before so it worked out great. An evening and afternoon in Honolulu and we had a great time walking the lively beach city. The last time I was in Honolulu was in 2004 and I was sick in bed. All I wanted was a malasada but I just couldn’t stomach it. So, this time, I made it the first item on the list to do before we got on the place for Guam. We hopped on the city bus and headed to Lenards for malasadas and a coffee. It was sooo good! Bruce’s first steps in the waters of Waikiki beach. We made to Guam! It’s an additional 6 hours from Hawaii, but we finally got to see our friends and their three kids. They kids were a bit shy at first but seeing them at the airport was a nice surprise! First order of business after a night of good nights sleep, touring Andersen Airfare Base and then it was off to Dededo beach. This beach is basically enjoyed by the military as it is only accessible from the base. Haley and the kids go to this beach just about everyday. The waters are mostly calm… read more

Farwell Paris!

Girls Trip to PARIS!

Wow! What a whirl wind of travel this Spring and Summer this year is going to be! But first, PARIS. Like most of us, Paris is on most people’s travel bucket list. It’s just a very unique and romantic culture filled with recognizable land marks full of history. On this girls trip to Paris, we had about seven full days in Paris the first week of May. Usually it is getting warm in France by this time of year according to our contact in Paris, but this year it was a bit unseasonable cooler. So we were well prepared for the cool weather and set out to have a great time with or without an umbrella and our puffer coats. On our first night at Le Grand Hotel we were greeted with someone else’s birthday dessert. For a moment we thought it was for us. But I notified room service and they had made a mistake. When they came to pick up the birthday cake they arrived with a beautiful tray of macarons for our “troubles!” Im glad I called in to room serve, but the other two wants to eat the cake! – – Karma girls, karma! But the treats in our hotel didn’t stop us from having a second dessert after dinner with our friend and guide who took us all over Paris! I couldn’t stop taking pictures of these doors. I loved the architecture! Paris building and storefronts – took tons of photos of them, too! Here… read more

Betty's Pies Harley Davidson Trip to Minnesota, MN

2,800+ Mile Harley Davidson Ride

Motorcycle Vacations Our newest addition to the family a 2017 Ultra Limited Harley Davidson has conjured new and longer rides as time goes on. We have decided to alter every other year as a designated motorcycle vacation. I’ve agreed to this just as long as we take a fight out of the country to our following years vacation! Packing – Tight Quarters So, with Pawtoberfest and my own Oktoberfest party under my belt I have ONE day to pack for our Harley Davidson motorcycle trip to Minnesota. As you can see in the picture below, I don’t have much room for Everything I’d like to take with me on trips. One side saddle bag compartment each is all each person gets if you are not pulling a trailer behind you. However, this is our third moto trip so I’ve gotten used to wearing the same few outfits for two weeks, I just need a laundry mat and I’m refreshed and good to go. Microphones Ready The morning came too early. However, we were eager to get on the road and try out our new microphones in our helmets. Now we can talk to each other without having to yell with our faces turned up to the wind. After a few minutes of testing our microphones we were out on the open road by 5am — Minnesota bound! See our ride here! Our first stop will be a short night in Chamberlin, South Dakota. Rain, Rain Go Away! My First Harley… read more

Breckenridge Oktoberfest

Breckenridge Ocktoberfest

Our Summer is ending but we have one more celebration, our anniversary. We didn’t have anything planned but after a 30 minute discussion I suggested we were headed to Breckenridge, CO, our wedding place.

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