Giant Gingerbread Cookies for the Christmas for gift giving

GIANT Gingerbread Cookies

Giant Gingerbread Cookie are easy and fun to make for holiday and Christmas gift giving. Make the best gingerbread cookies for friends and family.

Easter Sugar Cookies 2019

Abstract Easter Sugar Cookies Easter always seems to be the kick-off to creating new designs of sugar cookies. This year however, I didn’t have much time think about Easter sugar cookies designs due to Fur Ball, a charity event that I help organize, was just a week apart. So I needed a quick but fun sugar cookie design that didn’t have too many details yet was still cute and festive. Here is the recipe for the sugar cookies: Perfect Sugar Cookie

Salted-Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

Salted-Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie’s

I just found a way to make chocolate chip cookie’s even better! Try this recipe for richer toffee flavor, better crunch on the outside with a chewy center on the inside. Your Valentine will love them! Salted-Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie’s!

Colorado Chocolate Chip Cookies

Colorado Chocolate Chip Cookies

Colorado Chocolate Chip Cookies are made specifically for high-altitude. I have perfected this recipe at 6,035 feet after moving from Dallas, TX. This is probably my most popular recipe and a personal favorite. Friends, family and past boyfriends have raved about this cookie. And now it’s the ultimate favorite cookie of my husband, hence the inspiration to get it right (perfect) at high-altitude four years ago.

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