Farwell Paris!

Girls Trip to PARIS!

Wow! What a whirl wind of travel this Spring and Summer this year is going to be! But first, PARIS. Like most of us, Paris is on most people’s travel bucket list. It’s just a very unique and romantic culture filled with recognizable land marks full of history. On this girls trip to Paris, we had about seven full days in Paris the first week of May. Usually it is getting warm in France by this time of year according to our contact in Paris, but this year it was a bit unseasonable cooler. So we were well prepared for the cool weather and set out to have a great time with or without an umbrella and our puffer coats. On our first night at Le Grand Hotel we were greeted with someone else’s birthday dessert. For a moment we thought it was for us. But I notified room service and they had made a mistake. When they came to pick up the birthday cake they arrived with a beautiful tray of macarons for our “troubles!” Im glad I called in to room serve, but the other two wants to eat the cake! – – Karma girls, karma! But the treats in our hotel didn’t stop us from having a second dessert after dinner with our friend and guide who took us all over Paris! I couldn’t stop taking pictures of these doors. I loved the architecture! Paris building and storefronts – took tons of photos of them, too! Here… read more

Double-Down Birthday Celebration In Las Vegas

I love to visit my childhood girlfriend in Las Vegas whenever I can and we always find “trouble” to get into or we just relax and at her beautiful home. However, this visit to Vegas lures us into a “double down” birthday celebration. My brother-in-law and his son are celebrating notable birthday’s this year. 50 and 21.  So a Vegas celebration was in the works some time now.. Planning our trip to Vegas started as soon as we knew Bruce’s schedule for November. He initiated the search for airline rates, usually means searching on our beloved United Airlines our “bread and butter” you’d say. So I’m glad that I will not be taking credit for the airfare booking. What “we” thought was a great deal on Frontier Airlines turned out to be more like a FINE for flying with them. Great for folks with tiny personal items (purse) and no carry-ons unless you wanna pay for a carry-on luggage just a bit bigger than a bread basket! NEVER AGAIN! The animals on the tails of their airplanes are cute and all, but not that cute for what you have to pay just to take some clothing and toiletries with you on your trip! Don’t know why “we” chose this airline but unless I’m only in need of very small overnight bag, forget it. Let’ just say my other half is chalking this trip up to a “lesson learned.” (mic drop) AND lets not forget to mention that “we” booked the… read more

Breckenridge Oktoberfest

Breckenridge Ocktoberfest

Our Summer is ending but we have one more celebration, our anniversary. We didn’t have anything planned but after a 30 minute discussion I suggested we were headed to Breckenridge, CO, our wedding place.

Restaurant 1858

Seven Falls and Restaurant 1858

I finally made it to Seven Falls after living in Colorado Springs for exactly 7 years. Why the hesitation, not quite sure. But when I was hinting to attempt a visit again, the falls were under construction due to heavy rain damage. It was now up to the Broadmoor to foot the bill for the repairs and upgrades to the falls and its structures. Upon reopening, a once gift shop is now Restaurant 1858!

First Official Moto Ride: Missouri’s Wine Country and the Lake of the Ozark’s

We have been talking for a few years about how cool it would be to take long road trips on the “bike” on our off years we don’t go outside the US – to “explore our own country on the motorcycle.”  So I’m up for that! But not on the current bike Bruce had at the time, though. A 2007 HD Deluxe isn’t my idea of comfort on long rides – sore butt!  So after many discussions of these “moto trips” I told him that I’m up for it but you gotta buy a bigger bike. You’d think that when a wife tells her husband to “go get a bigger bike” he’d leave smoke fumes at that moment as he left out the front door! But he’s our financial planner and the new Ultra Limited 2017 finally arrived in November. It was no question that our inaugural moto trip was a two week visit to Wright City and Wentzville, MO where Bruce’s uncle and cousin live. Both his uncle and cousin are also Harley riders so it was a family affair. Uncle John is the most gracious host. Though we do get is a 2 second scuffle about who’s gonna “pay” and we always loose no matter how sneaky we try to be! Thanks uncle John, you’re the best! And cousin Jeff is always full of great advise for roads to take and the best places to eat, not to mention he’s like his dad and he’s also very generous…. read more

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