Our First Visit to Guam

Why Guam? Well, why not Guam? We haven’t been there before and our friends are stationed there for three years. So it only took us eight months to see them after they left the states. We decided to cut the eleven hour flight in half and layover in Honolulu. Bruce hadn’t been there before so it worked out great. An evening and afternoon in Honolulu and we had a great time walking the lively beach city. The last time I was in Honolulu was in 2004 and I was sick in bed. All I wanted was a malasada but I just couldn’t stomach it. So, this time, I made it the first item on the list to do before we got on the place for Guam. We hopped on the city bus and headed to Lenards for malasadas and a coffee. It was sooo good! Bruce’s first steps in the waters of Waikiki beach. We made to Guam! It’s an additional 6 hours from Hawaii, but we finally got to see our friends and their three kids. They kids were a bit shy at first but seeing them at the airport was a nice surprise! First order of business after a night of good nights sleep, touring Andersen Airfare Base and then it was off to Dededo beach. This beach is basically enjoyed by the military as it is only accessible from the base. Haley and the kids go to this beach just about everyday. The waters are mostly calm… read more

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