Christmas Cookies For the Humane Society (HSPPR)

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) here in Colorado Springs, is a great organization. Volunteering and working with them for the past 3 years has given me a glimpse of the important work they do to raise money in order to care and support our four legged friends while they find their forever homes. So when they asked to make Christmas cookie gift boxes for a partnering organization, I didn’t hesitate. I was honored to support and be a part of this organization.  I was inspired by a table runner that I found at Joanne Fabrics for the theme of the cookies. Since I decided on making Christmas cookies gifts boxes this year for friends and family (30 dozen total) I wanted to keep ALL the cookie decorating to a minimum this year. However, they still needed to be festive and pretty. So adding another 4 dozen cookies for the Humane Society to my own “lot” of cookies helped me stick to my original plan of only using 3 frosting colors. Using 3 colors certainly reduce the time to decorate 34 dozen cookies this holiday!  (3 colors plus a dollop of RED!) With my new hot sealer, wrapping the cookies made my work a lot easier.  MERRY CHRISTMAS Humane Society! (See recipe: Perfect Sugar Cookies for Cut-Outs) . . . another late night . . . just me and the Christmas tree

Halloween Sugar Cookies – Batch #2

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Halloween Cookies for the “Boss”

There’s always that one teacher or boss that you will always hold dear.  That one boss for me is Ms. Tiffany. She was, and is, a very kind, understanding and fun manager. Now, she is a long distant friend of 18 years and we have exchanged birthday card ever since our days working in satellite television. I know Tiff loves cookies as I used to make cookies for our creative team for special occasions and holidays.  So this Fall, I thought Tiff would like some holiday cookies that I planned on making with the Franklin kids this year. With my new “cookie mailing method,” I was positive that her cookies would arrive unbroken and just in time to celebrate one of her favorite holidays, Halloween. Sugar cookies have always been my favorite cookie but I never considered decorating them. I used to color the dough and cut them into a desired round shape, orange for pumpkin’s and red for a simple Christmas ornament cookie. Slice, bake, easy and good tasting! I tried my hand at icing cookies a while back but they didn’t come out very good. They were okay for eating but not for holiday gifts.  But four years ago I dabbled in decorating cookies for a Spring charity auction. The icing method was very organic and simplistic but  I was pleasantly surprised how they came out. Four dozen cookies brought in $240. Not bad considering. So, I dove “all in” and gave it my best shot to decorate… read more

Decorating Halloween Cookies with the Franklin Kids

I think its officially Fall and I’ve started to think about holiday cookies. I have been wanting to test the difference between using raw pasteurized eggs and meringue powder of my royal icing.  So I have recruited some little friends of mine to see if the Meringue powder will pass the kid test. When I showed up the cookies and icing supplies, the kids were elated! I pulled up the bar stools, set out a couple paper towels (like that was going to make any less cleaning difference or hurt the protect the granite) and they were frosting focussed! LOL! They had a blast decorating their halloween cookies and the icing worked out perfectly.  However, I wasn’t happy with the flavor of the frosting. It just didn’t have  a natural flavor. But there wasn’t 5 egg yolks left over and seemed to be just a wee bit less of a mess. But Im still gonna vote strongly for the raw pasteurized eggs whites just on taste alone. I think it’s worth the mess and left over yolks and less expensive too! I always have just as much fun decorating cookies with the kids  – perhaps maybe more!

Perfect Sugar Cookies for Cut-Outs

Perfect Sugar Cookies for Cut-Outs – An easy and versatile recipe for a perfect cookie cut-out. The dough is very easy to work with and tastes as good as they look! Use this recipe for your favorite Christmas cookie cut-outs, too.

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