Harley Davidson Garage and Costco cabinets

Harley Davidson Garage

Broken Sprocket Leads to Garage Remodel Its funny… how a broken metal sprocket leads to a huge project! LOL! I was heading out to buy some more chalk paint and run some errands. As I was heading into the garage I pushed the button for the garage door to open and I hear a loud cranking noice I hadn’t heard before. As I took one step into the garage, there was a loud crunch and snap noice, the drive change sprocket had broken and came hurdling at my head! Turns out this is just what the doctor ordered. A perfect excuse for my husband to order a new garage door opener and begin his Harley Davidson garage remodel! The New Garage Door – Wireless I was right, the garage door is now considered “dead” to my husband. It was the perfect storm to buy a side mount garage motor he has been wanting for a few years now. The installation of the new Lift Master 8500W motor gave us much more space above the garage and it’s so quiet, too! The coolest thing about the new garage door opener is that you can open and close the garage from anywhere you have an Internet connection! Better Garage Organization Turns Into Cabinet Set From COSTCO  Now that the wireless garage door opener is installed, we were also thinking about better storage and other places in the garage that needed improvements. Bruce began contemplating cabinets, a work bench, area for the bikes,… read more

First Official Moto Ride: Missouri’s Wine Country and the Lake of the Ozark’s

We have been talking for a few years about how cool it would be to take long road trips on the “bike” on our off years we don’t go outside the US – to “explore our own country on the motorcycle.”  So I’m up for that! But not on the current bike Bruce had at the time, though. A 2007 HD Deluxe isn’t my idea of comfort on long rides – sore butt!  So after many discussions of these “moto trips” I told him that I’m up for it but you gotta buy a bigger bike. You’d think that when a wife tells her husband to “go get a bigger bike” he’d leave smoke fumes at that moment as he left out the front door! But he’s our financial planner and the new Ultra Limited 2017 finally arrived in November. It was no question that our inaugural moto trip was a two week visit to Wright City and Wentzville, MO where Bruce’s uncle and cousin live. Both his uncle and cousin are also Harley riders so it was a family affair. Uncle John is the most gracious host. Though we do get is a 2 second scuffle about who’s gonna “pay” and we always loose no matter how sneaky we try to be! Thanks uncle John, you’re the best! And cousin Jeff is always full of great advise for roads to take and the best places to eat, not to mention he’s like his dad and he’s also very generous…. read more

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