Margherita Pizza on Naan Bread

This is a quick and easy Margherita Naan bread pizza that's very flavorful and can easily be added to your low-calorie diet. The Naan bread bakes up fast and you can have just about any variety of pizza any day of the week. Perfect for hors d' oeuvres and parties!


Step 1
Preheat oven to 450 degrees (I like my dough/bread crispy so I set the oven to 475).
Margherita Pizza
Step 2
Prepare the toppings for the pizza.
Margherita Pizza
Step 3
Place the Naan bread on a cooling rack for a crispier crust or a pizza or cookie sheet for a softer crust.
Margherita Pizza
Step 4
Spread the roasted garlic on the Naan bread.
Margherita Pizza Garlic Spread Naan
Step 5
Then, spoon a thin layer of marinara sauce over the Naan bread (just less than 1/2 cup; add more if you prefer a heavier sauced pizza).
Margherita Pizza
Step 6
Quarter the two 1oz slices of mozzarella cheese.
Margherita Pizza Cheese Quarters
Step 7
Place the 2 ounces of quartered mozzarella cheese over the flat bread, distributing evenly.
Margheria Pizza
Step 8
Stack the pepperoni and cut into quarters and place evenly over the Naan bread. As you can see, there is pepperoni at almost every bite.
Margherita Pizza Pepperoni
Step 9
Bake the Naan Pizza for 3-7 minutes, depending on your desired crispiness. While the pizza bakes, cut the basil.
Margherita Pizza Basil
Step 10
Stack the 2 basil leaves and roll them tightly together.
Margherita Pizza Basil Rolled
Step 11
Cut the rolled basil thinly to make ribbons.
Margherita Pizza Basil Shreds
Step 12
Remove the pizza from the oven just before your desired doneness and place the shredded basil on top. Cook for another 1-2 minutes.
Margherita Pizza
Step 13
Add the parmesan cheese and hot pepper flakes (optional).
Margherita Pizza
Step 14
Guilt free pizza.
Margherita Pizza

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