Do you just love your sofa but wish you could give it a little makeover? Perhaps the cushions are worn and flat or the fabric is outdated? Or! What if you have just changed your decor style? Changing my decor style is exactly what happened. My last upholsterer informed me that my “before” sofa below is very well made. It has a hardwood frame, hand tied springs, and was made with foam and feather cushions. BUT . . .

. . . I just wanted a new look.

Research and Design Begins

I wanted an English armed sofa. However, searching for a quality sofa similar to this one I had turned out to be a searching for a needle in a hay stack! I research so many sofas, their sizes, and cushion spring construction but couldn’t find a sofa with the same quality, and a sofa that fit my budget! And, to top it off, all the sofas I looked at were either too long (84-86″) or the size of “Love Seats” which I didn’t want. I need the same 72″ sofa (not common, I know) but I have a relatively small formal living room, so 72″ is a perfect fit for how I wanted to design the room around the fireplace. It’s time to re-design my sofa!

So I gave up . . . until one day I walked into one of my favorite pre-owned home furniture store and stumbled upon a master upholsterer with furniture design and reconstructed experience! I’m was elated! Finally, I was going have “my” sofa, but better!

A Bit Scared

I must admit, to “re-design your sofa,” well, its bit scary having a craftsman deconstruct your sofa down to the frame then take it apart and turn it into something completely different. But I was excited to get started! I gave Jose plenty of photos of the sofa I wanted and he didn’t even flinch! We discussed some details, I chose fabric and off the sofa went into his delivery truck. Since we are under “Covid” pictures were sent as the reconstruction and design was in progress.

Re-Contruction Begins

OMG! This is the first picture that arrived! The sofa is already is taking shape! The arms are removed and replaced with the English arm with the outward flare.

Look and the sofa back! It’s 4″ taller that the original sofa, just as we discussed! It’s looking good so far!

English sofa taking shape!

Fabric and Design

The final picture arrived just after six weeks and I was very happy with the final shape of the sofa! The fabric look just as I expected and the hand of the fabric worked well with the design.

The Final Re-Design

The English Arm sofa. I wish I had the photo I gave Jose so you can see that he designed the sofa EXACTLY like the one in the picture. I was speechless when it arrived.

It only took him six weeks. Jose did and excellent job and we are so happy with his work. The seems lined up perfectly and the cushions were soft but firm, with a foam core and stuffed with feathers all around. The fabric is made by Charlotte Fabrics in Parchment. It coordinates with my wall color a the other elements I included in the living room.

I found the pumpkin/truck pillows, yes, its a bit “Farm” but I like them and the color blended well. I wanted a “warmer” feel to the room; something more inviting, so I wanted the formal but casual “Ralph Lauren” feel for the plaid fabric accent pillows. I found the plaid fabic at Joanne’s and made a simple pillow since the plaid had enough movement on its own.

I had the chairs reupholstered from Jose, as well, and used the extra Parchment fabric to make the lumbar pillows for the chairs. Also, I had my hand in chalk painting the fireplace that my friend gave me. The previous color of the fireplace was an artificial brick color. Not attractive. See how I transformed the fireplace here.

Here’s a picture of the living room with the re-designed sofa . . .don’t mind the empty pictures frames at the fireplace, I still have to find picots for them!

Before and After

I have finally come to and “end” of finalizing the living room, except for the pictures. Aside for a few decor items, I like to decorate with thrift finds. I find that older furniture is better made than furniture available at box stores. I love the “hunt” of finding unique decor that can be upcycled or restored. You should have seen the chairs when I first bought them. I wouldn’t let my dogs sit on them, they were that bad! LOL

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