I finally visited the Ivy Wild School, a retired elementary school building now turned into a communal retail space for gathering and eating. One of the rooms, I assume where the main office once was, is now a bar called the The Principle’s Office. The bar has an old world feeling like a little pub in Europe and you can also get coffee here as the bartender is also a Barista! Very cozy. There’s a local brewery, Bristol’s where you can get your Laughing Lab fix and eat your complimentary gourmet homemade biscuits/crackers served in a stainless steel dog bowl. Down the hall, there is a charcuterie that is named the Meat Locker where you can order sandwiches, soups and chili and such, and directly across the hall is the cutest little bakery, quintessentially named The Old School Bakery. They make fresh bread daily and have a variety of sweets such as gourmet cupcakes, pies and assorted pastries. Mmmm! On Sunday’s from 9am – noon you can also get breakfast – they call it brunch. Tomato, Tomaaato I hear it’s pretty good.

OldSchoolBakery-Hallway_4904 Ivy Wild Bakery_BluePie_4895 OldSchoolBakery_GorillaBread_4896

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