Not a Bakery, but after passing this local brewery many times on the way to the dry cleaners, I finally went in to take a look in side. . .

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I really like their cool logo above with the large C for Colorado, the beer vat and the hops flower combo says it all; Brewery.
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2404 Waynoka Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80915
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As you drive down Waynoka Road, look for this old truck parked right in from of the industrial looking building with metal siding. Once you find this, boom, you’re there!
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They have simple benches where you can sip your brew and hang out with friends.
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They are equipped to have small to medium size events. They normally do not have food, but will call in a food truck if they know ahead of time that you will be arranging a party to meet there. You can bring your food in, as well, but just make sure you are ordering a beer, or two. We spoke to the owner. Nice guy, just trying to brew good beer and have successful business. Stop in, it’s a cool place inside, too.
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