I love to visit my childhood girlfriend in Las Vegas whenever I can and we always find “trouble” to get into or we just relax and at her beautiful home. However, this visit to Vegas lures us into a “double down” birthday celebration. My brother-in-law and his son are celebrating notable birthday’s this year. 50 and 21.  So a Vegas celebration was in the works some time now..

Planning our trip to Vegas started as soon as we knew Bruce’s schedule for November. He initiated the search for airline rates, usually means searching on our beloved United Airlines our “bread and butter” you’d say. So I’m glad that I will not be taking credit for the airfare booking. What “we” thought was a great deal on Frontier Airlines turned out to be more like a FINE for flying with them. Great for folks with tiny personal items (purse) and no carry-ons unless you wanna pay for a carry-on luggage just a bit bigger than a bread basket! NEVER AGAIN! The animals on the tails of their airplanes are cute and all, but not that cute for what you have to pay just to take some clothing and toiletries with you on your trip! Don’t know why “we” chose this airline but unless I’m only in need of very small overnight bag, forget it. Let’ just say my other half is chalking this trip up to a “lesson learned.” (mic drop) AND lets not forget to mention that “we” booked the wrong time for the departing flight just to add insult to injury – i didn’t say a word after that bit of info. 

Anywaaaaay, we made it to Las Vegas via our trusty United Airlines out of Denver. Nice flight and we arrived with an hour to spare before dinner at BLT Steak at Bally’s.

Here’s a G-rated peek of our three day birthday celebratory weekend with the family…

Stayed at the vintage Flamingo…

The food at BLT’s Steak =  awesome! 

To start, we had many great choices of appetizers and salads to begin our dining experience. But the show stopper was the renown popovers! If you don’t eat carbs because its a choice and no a death threat, EAT the POPOVERS! They were simply fantastic! They even give you the recipe for them on a little card – and they are served piping hot!

Here’s what to eat:

  • Signature popovers
  • Dover sole
  • 28-day dry-aged NY Strip
  • Peanut butter chocolate mousse

You can find the popover recipe on their website or here (bottom of page) Enjoy! 

28 day aged steaks, kobe-wagu…

Here’s a peek at the menu: Diner Menu

After dinner we walked the strip and ended up at the Paris Hotel for a “night-cap.” Bailey’s Coffee for the “boys” which consisted of Bailey’s and Whiskey and coffee for the girls with whipped cream. I’m not sure what brand or type of brew the coffee was at the Cafe, but it was very good…must have been the rich whipped cream! 

The next morning, I couldn’t help myself and ordered the Lemon Pound cake for breakfast! Soooo good!

The next night, after a day of wondering the strip, people watching, shopping and lunch at the Redneck Riviera while watching the Nascar finals, we headed to the LINQ’s. It wasn’t on anyone’s list but we it looked like it could be fun and our group has passed on it several times before, so this trip we “gave it a go.” I had the idea of siting on the floor of the pod to get a good shot of the night lights behind us, and it worked. It takes about 30 minutes, but it seemed longer.  Maybe we should rode the Eye in London? Next time…

At the Bellagio! Now that’s a chocolate fountain!

The famous Bellagio atrium! When I visit, I must see the seasonal flower display. It never disappoints!

I spent the last day with my childhood friend. She picked me up under the Linq and we took a quick whirl around the Simon outlet mall north of the Strip. Bough two dresses and shirt from BR (it’s a floral thang). The long weekend went by too fast but a good time was had by all. So long Vegas until next time…


Now where’s our UNITED flight to take us home? … Whoops, gotta take Frontier one last time…wonder if I should transfer some money from my 401k to cover Frontier’s carry-on baggage charges when I get home…hmmmm? 

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