Halloween always sneaks up on me every year. Probably because I don’t want Summer to end.  Yet, the air begins to get cooler and the leaves start to change fast. I wasn’t going to put up decorations these year because we’ve been so busy.  However, my little friend Finn gave me grief about not being in the Halloween spirit. So, I quickly researched Halloween porch decorations. I decided on a Harry Potter floating candle theme this year! It was easy enough since I knew where to get the candles with batteries. I think it came out pretty good and the kids on the block seem to like it. Thanks, once again, to the Dollar Store! I gathered some supplies, like grey and black mesh, candles and some other spooky tid bits and they all went up in flash… or candle light. You can find many “dollar worthy” items at this bargain store and still do a great job with your holiday and party decorating needs. Never heard of the Dollar Tree, check it out here.

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