It has been a very busy Autumn season this year.  Pawtoberfest, our backyard Oktoberfest, 2018 motorcycle trip, selling the CA rental house and preparing to replacing the flooring at our own house! So now that it’s December, I’ll just jump right in and do what I can with the time remaining this month. But there’s isn’t time to make Christmas cards, sadly. Oh well, there’s next year. But I did promise three boys Giant Gingerbread Cookies this year for Christmas!

Fall began with our backyard Oktoberfest that also marked our 5 year wedding anniversary. We invited the entire block along with out closest friends and we had a blast. We had beer for days and the kids loved their traditional heart gingerbread cookies – German style.

2018 Oktoberfest cookies
2018 Oktoberfest cookies
German Love necklaces
German Love necklaces
Oktoberfest 2018; rachelsrecipecollection German Gingerbread cookies

Oktoberfest was so fun and memorable for us and planning it may have even been more fun me. But after the beer was drank and the brots devoured, a few days after the party, I remember that I had a few gingerbread cookies I had “saved” in the freezer. I felt I needed to put away a few because it seemed that every few minutes one child or another ask me for another cookie! I’m surprised I didn’t get a call from one of the parents the following day stating that their child had “one too many cookies!”

With a few cookies still left, I gave them to my friend who has three boys who just love cookies, especially gingerbread cookies! However, we didn’t realize that these cookies were going to cause such a feud in their house for several weeks! One of the boys stood accused of eating more than their share due to the fact that this “someone” is taller than the other two and he was able to reach the “put away gingerbread” cookies.

My friend told me the story and we couldn’t believe how much they liked them, to the point of arguing and crying! I laughed, but just then it became clear – I knew Exactly what they were getting from me for Christmas this year, there own Giant Gingerbread cookies!

Finding The Right Size for the Gingerbread Cutter for the Boys

Giant Gingerbread Cutter Perfection

So, you would have thought that searching for a large gingerbread cutter would be simple. I did find a few, but they weren’t exactly what I wanted. I gave up looking then stumbled upon this cutter while Christmas shopping with Bruce at William Sonoma. It measured 13″ x 10” at its widest point, a good “giant” size and is copper!

I managed to get three cookies from one batch of McCormick Gingerbread Cookie recipe but I had to do a little bit of patch work at the arms and feet but you couldn’t see the seams from the front side. In reality, I always have to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect (all the time). Besides, once I brushed the cookies with an egg and water wash, any sign of cracks disappeared.

How to make giant gingerbread cookies for Christmas or gift giving
This should be enough cookie for one boy, right?

Find out how to make these adorable giant gingerbread cookies for Christmas or gift giving

Decorating the G-Men

I used my trusty Royal Icing that I use on my sugar cookies and It’s easy to make and use. And for a little guild, a candy cane sugar cookie, of course. The gingerbread men can’t go without one of my sugar cookies!

Wrapping and Transport

The giant gingerbread cookies are decorated in their traditional German lederhosen. I let them dry for about 6 hours before I gift wrapped them. Now, I need to wrap them so they don’t bounce around in the car and break. Hopefully they should hold up until the unwrapping process Christmas day by 3 young boys. I used basket wrap kit available at the Dollar Store. It’s strong, comes with a bow (I made my own here) and it’s a dollar! I used a piece of cardboard wrapped in decorative wax paper I bought online from the Fancy Flours. You can also find decorative wax paper like this from the Container Store, as well.

Make giant gingerbread cookies for Christmas or gift giving
How to make giant gingerbread cookies for Christmas or gift giving
Gingerbread cookie gifts are finished!

Giant Gingerbread Cookies – Mission Accomplished

Wrapping is complete. They made the ride across town safely and without a “broken bones.” I also included 3 tins for each brother filled with some cookies and candy. I hope they will have a great time visiting in Virginia visiting their grandma for Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Boys!

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