We have been talking for a few years about how cool it would be to take long road trips on the “bike” on our off years we don’t go outside the US – to “explore our own country on the motorcycle.”  So I’m up for that! But not on the current bike Bruce had at the time, though. A 2007 HD Deluxe isn’t my idea of comfort on long rides – sore butt! 

So after many discussions of these “moto trips” I told him that I’m up for it but you gotta buy a bigger bike. You’d think that when a wife tells her husband to “go get a bigger bike” he’d leave smoke fumes at that moment as he left out the front door! But he’s our financial planner and the new Ultra Limited 2017 finally arrived in November.

It was no question that our inaugural moto trip was a two week visit to Wright City and Wentzville, MO where Bruce’s uncle and cousin live. Both his uncle and cousin are also Harley riders so it was a family affair.

Uncle John is the most gracious host. Though we do get is a 2 second scuffle about who’s gonna “pay” and we always loose no matter how sneaky we try to be! Thanks uncle John, you’re the best! And cousin Jeff is always full of great advise for roads to take and the best places to eat, not to mention he’s like his dad and he’s also very generous. Cheers to you, Jeff, as well.

After a awesome week with John we were heading southwest on our way to the Lake the Osarks, MO. John rode with us about  half way and we said our good-byes at our gas stop in Rosebud, MO.

We rode into Osage Beach the initial through way to the Lake of the Ozarks area and immediately you could feel the buzz of this Lake city.  We arrived the week before the last weekend of the Summer (great hotel prices) and it was the calm before the storm and you could feel it. Visitors were slowly trickling in with their boats and water toys. 

We stayed at the Four Season Hotel. It’s a well established hotel and had vibe of an “old pro” ready for the last large crown of the year.

The next morning we headed out to explore the lake area. We visited the Ha Ha Tonka State Park where we explored a hidden cold spring, the famous stone castle ruins and climbed 315 stairs to see the beautiful of the Niangua arm of the Lake of the Ozarks.

After a long day of hiking and riding at the Ha Ha we decided to relax on the lake and rented a late model pontoon boat. We had so much fun. Neither one of us could remember the last time we were on a boat. We stated our day with breakfast on the lake at “Pirate xxx cafe, “ drinks and a swim at Coconut’s and spent the last hours of our day in a hidden cove that we had all to ourselves. Just beautiful.  

We returned the boat at 5pm and were just ravenous on our ride back to the hotel. We stumbled upon the Batter’s Box a pub just off the road back to the hotel.  It looked local, so we stopped. Best burgers! I was so hungry that i forgo to take a pic, but it was good and the staff was so friendly.

Our visit to the Lake of the Ozarks was truly a surprise for me. I didn’t expect the natural beauty that surrounded the entire lake and the beautiful homes and mansions that dotted the lake shores glistening in the afternoon sun. 

We had our last dinner at the Shawnee Bluff Winery & Vineyard. The outdoor seating was quant and simplistic and the view of the lake was the perfect center of attraction. I was expecting the meals to be just as simple and pleasing as he atmosphere and we were not disappointed. Our fish and local beef dishes were delicious. A perfect ending to our trip.


The next morning we pack our side bags and trunk and headed on to route 5 then to route 7 and on to the 70.  We stopped for breakfast and about every two hours or so for gas. By 7pm we were home in Colorado Springs. Surprisingly, we were just a bit tired, not as much as I expected. We pulled out out “garage chairs” beer in hand (Bruce) and watched the sun set over Pikes Peak. Bruce calculated that we traveled just over 2,000 miles.

Next years ride? … Montana?

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