I think its officially Fall and I’ve started to think about holiday cookies. I have been wanting to test the difference between using raw pasteurized eggs and meringue powder of my royal icing. 

So I have recruited some little friends of mine to see if the Meringue powder will pass the kid test. When I showed up the cookies and icing supplies, the kids were elated! I pulled up the bar stools, set out a couple paper towels (like that was going to make any less cleaning difference or hurt the protect the granite) and they were frosting focussed! LOL!

They had a blast decorating their halloween cookies and the icing worked out perfectly.  However, I wasn’t happy with the flavor of the frosting. It just didn’t have  a natural flavor. But there wasn’t 5 egg yolks left over and seemed to be just a wee bit less of a mess. But Im still gonna vote strongly for the raw pasteurized eggs whites just on taste alone. I think it’s worth the mess and left over yolks and less expensive too!

I always have just as much fun decorating cookies with the kids  – perhaps maybe more!

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