Re-Design Your Sofa!

Do you just love your sofa but wish you could give it a little makeover? Perhaps the cushions are worn and flat or the fabric is outdated? Or! What if you have just changed your decor style? Changing my decor style is exactly what happened. My last upholsterer informed me that my “before” sofa below is very well made. It has a hardwood frame, hand tied springs, and was made with foam and feather cushions. BUT . . . . . . I just wanted a new look. Research and Design Begins I wanted an English armed sofa. However, searching for a quality sofa similar to this one I had turned out to be a searching for a needle in a hay stack! I research so many sofas, their sizes, and cushion spring construction but couldn’t find a sofa with the same quality, and a sofa that fit my budget! And, to top it off, all the sofas I looked at were either too long (84-86″) or the size of “Love Seats” which I didn’t want. I need the same 72″ sofa (not common, I know) but I have a relatively small formal living room, so 72″ is a perfect fit for how I wanted to design the room around the fireplace. It’s time to re-design my sofa! So I gave up . . . until one day I walked into one of my favorite pre-owned home furniture store and stumbled upon a master upholsterer with furniture design and reconstructed… read more


Just a quick Shout-Out to our newest little “niece” to the world! Alexandra Claire arrived on September 19th, one day shy of Bruce’s birthday!  Love ya! Tia Rachel and Tio Bruce

Happy Birthday Isabella!

Isabella Noe Just a girl! Hey Isabella! We hope you had an awesome birthday! You’re getting so grown-up!  

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