Seven Falls a Glamour Hike?

I finally made it to Seven Falls after living in Colorado Springs for exactly 7 years. Why the hesitation, not quite sure.  When I was hinting to attempt a visit again, the falls were under construction due to heavy rain damage. It was now up to the Broadmoor to foot the bill for the repairs and upgrades to the falls and its structures. A once gift shop is now Restaurant 1858.

Restaurant 1858

A seasonal establishment focusing on local cuisine and a rustic setting is perfectly nestled just below Seven Falls. Mom was in town, so we opted for lunch since we were in between lunch and dinner. Luckily, lunch options seemed to be similar to dinner and we weren’t disappointed. The Colorado Rocky Mountain Trout, Roasted Tomato Tortilla Soup and 1858 BBQ Glazed Hickory Smoked Bacon Wrapped Shrimp were all very tasty. The shrimp was my favorite. For dessert we tried the Palisades Peach and Blueberry Cobbler and Caramel Toffee Turtle, both very good as well. Mom loved the cobbler.

Seven Falls

After our meal, we walked up to the falls, but didn’t take the steps up because mom wasn’t up to it. But we took and exhilarating ride on the elevator to the Eagle Nest and admired the views of the falls and canyon. Surprisingly, there was a little rock shop there and we browsed the many geodes and works of local artists. Another ride down the elevator through the cave, our visit to the falls was coming to and end. It was a cool afternoon, but not cold enough to walk back to the main entrance and take in the scenery of the canyon. We had a very peaceful walk, walking both the road and the trail along side of the river back to the trolley stop. The walk revealed upgrades to the road filled with grassy areas, picnic tables throughout and at the halfway point is an a gazeebo and large grass area where you can sit, rest and take in the views.

A Stroll Through the Canyon

The combination of atmosphere and food made the entire experience of Seven Falls nicely unexpected. The gushing falls in the background, trout pond, the walk through the wet cave to the elevator ride up to Eagle Nest lookout, quaint souvenir shops and the river flowing along the side of the road, added up to a seemly “glamour-food hike.”  I loved it! . A very pretty way to spend the day, especially if you have people visiting from out of town. Anyone else coming to visit soon? 

Here’s more info on Seven Falls, in Colorado Springs here.


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