Oktoberfest Anniversary?

Our Summer is ending but we have one more celebration, our anniversary. We didn’t have anything planned but after a 30 minute discussion I suggested we were headed to Breckenridge, CO, our wedding place. Breckenridge is the city where we got married so I thought this was perfect. However, I didn’t know that Breckenridge was holding its annual Oktoberfest the same weekend! Was my husband PLEASANTLY surprised! A man who loves his beer and brat, and has to spend his anniversary at an Oktoberfest! LOL! The weekend was perfectly designed for him and me too. We love a good festival of any sort, who doesn’t? Food for me, beer for him and lots of people watching.

Hearthstone Restaurant 

After the “Fest” we had our anniversary dinner at Hearthstone Restaurant a historic Victorian home converted into a restaurant. It’s the same restaurant where we had our “wedding day dinner.”

Breckenridge Fun Park

On Monday, we headed up the ski lift for a bird’s eye view of city to the Adventure Fun Park. It was the last weekend of the park so we rode the Alpine Slide, twice! It was a lot faster than it looked.

This years anniversary weekend was a hit. We had a blast eating and drinking.  I hadn’t been to an Oktoberfest where most people were dressed in traditional dirndls and lederhosen! I loved it. So many beautiful dirndls of all colors and the details of the men’s lederhosen and shoes were a bit hypnotic – loved those checked blue shirts. I see a trip to Germany during Oktoberfest in my future. Well, for now, I’m planning on an Oktoberfest party at our house next year. Colorado is the “beer state” after all! Prost!

Heading up the 24 highway towards Breckenridge the leaves were already changing color on September 9th! We were both surprised. Yep, Fall is here at 8,000 feet.

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